Are you properly protecting your Website from hackers?

Why ignorance is not bliss when it comes to Website safety, security and liability.

You hear it all the time. “XYZ Company’s Website has been hacked.” “Big data breach.” “Customer credit cards and social security numbers exposed.” It’s not going to get any better.

But this article isn’t about a big company with big data. Smaller Websites are vulnerable too, and site owners are at risk. Why?

Read on to learn all about it.

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What Is "The Cloud?"

A realistic look at Cloud Computing. Hint: it's not in the sky.

Unless you're totally oblivious to technology, you've no doubt heard of "cloud" this or that when talking about computers or Websites. And the cloud is depicted by a nice fluffy thing that looks soft and cuddly. What are we talking about? This article can help make sense of the cloudy Internet forcasat.

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Avoiding Ransomware

...and other Internet maladies

A friend asked if there's a way to protect against malware like Ransomware - where the attackers encrypt your disk and charge you a king's ransom to unlock it. If you get it and you're not prepared, you just have to pay the ransom, or lose everything, reformat your your computer and start over.

While there is no 100% sure defense that we can guarantee you won't get infected, there are several safeguard precautions a computer owner can take to protect against ransomware and other threats.

UPDATE: With the proliferation of WannaCry, we've updated the article...

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Computers are Not Toasters

Why upgrades are a necessity, not a luxury - by Steve Puffenberger, Advent Media, Inc.

Computers are not toasters. Toasters are so simple.   Just plug it in, drop in bread, slide the handle down, wait a few minutes, and you have toast!  In fact, we still have the toaster I remember using 50 years ago, when I was growing up… and it works!  Of course, toasters have one thing going for them: the shape of bread has been virtually unchanged since the invention of … the toaster.

The same can't be said of computers. Find out why...

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