Event Production

When the show "absolutely positively" has to go right, you need Advent Media, Inc. at the helm! We've been at this for almost 50 years - from the days of showing classroom movies with "real" movie projectors, to the days of multi-projector Multi-Image slide shows, and now digital projection...you can take advantage of our "showmanship" experience to bring visual sophistication to your next event.

Event Production is part of our Presentation Partner service, which includes content creation, rehearsals and show delivery.

Conference Room

For events with small audiences, such as sales presetnations or reports to management, Conference Room support is a natural for us.  If the venue has no AV equipment, we can provide projector and screen, and set it all up so you don't have to. You can concentrate on relating to your audience.

Meeting Room

If your event is in a small to medium sized meeting room with up to 200 attendees, we will manage all the technical details so you can focus on delivering your message. We'll scout the venue in advance so there are no surprises, and provide projector, screen and sound if needed. Video or audio recording can also be provided. If the venue provides AV support, we'll work with their team so you don't have to "speak geek" to get good results.

Ballroom / Theater Extravaganza

When you're ready to take your presentation to a new level, with multiple screens, stage design, lighting, concert sound and all the trimmings, Advent Media, Inc. can help plan and execute the event. After learning of your goals, we'll work with a staging/rental agency that can service your venue to provide the gear and the operators to make your event a success. Again, our goal is to make technology one less thing you have to worry about.