Graphic Design Services

At the heart of helping people communicate with technology is Graphic Design, and the people of Advent Media, Inc. have been at it for over 40 years. Yes the tools are different now, but the graphic language - how people see and perceive text and symbols on a screen or a page - is unchanged.

Logo & Branding Design

From logo designs to complete branding guidelines, Advent Media, Inc. can help you establish a modern graphic identity for your business, organization or even special events.

Here are a few of our completed logo designs.

Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund
National Fingerprint, Inc.
The Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association

Print Material Design

Advent Media, Inc. can design custom layouts for print material. Including business cards, stationery, flyers, brochures, booklets, whitepapers and even product packaging. These designs can be coordinated with your logo/branding standards or something entirely different. Let us design print materials that impress and inform.

Banner/Display Design

Large print banners and displays are just another step in the comprehensive graphic design service we offer. By tying graphic design from Website, video, presentation, signage and print material to your trade show display, your audience will have a consistent brnad based experience in all media.