Website Design Services

Website Design is the architecture of a Website. It defines both the function, and the form - the frame and the body - the floor plan and the renderings. The most beautiful Website without a solid logical foundation is just window dressing, so our goal is to make sure your message reaches your site visitors.

Custom Web Design

We live in a "templated" world of Web design. You buy a template, drop in your content and you have a beautiful Website in minutes...or so they say. We believe "form follows function." Our philosophy is that the design of a Website needs to reflect the content, rather than cramming content into a design. That's what Custom Web Design is all about - making site designs that efficiently tell your story, which is what Advent Media, Inc. has been all about for more than 35 years.

Mobile Website Design

Websites that work equally well on mobile devices as on desktops use "Responsive" Web design. Responsive design is critical because more than half of Website visitors use mobile devices - phones and tablets. Special design considerations come into play to make sure that the mobile experience tells the same story as the desktop experience, but in a touch-friendly way that works no matter which way the device is held. And with new devices coming out (e.g. iPhone X), the shape of mobile design is always changing. Advent Media, Inc's custom Mobile Website Design can deliver a consistent experience for your viewers.

Web Application Design

There are Webistes that look pretty and there are Websites that do things. When you need a site to do something, you need a Web Application. A Web Apps can perform any one of a number of important functions: collecting sensitive data, selling something, providing information to select users, blogging, calendar, donations, competition management, you name it. This is the real "function" of a Website, and we at Advent Media, Inc. can design Web applications to meet your needs.