Is Advent Media a good fit for you?

When it comes to creating digital media, you have lots of choices. We have the capabilities to create digital content for screen-based products and services including website design, corporate video production and PowerPoint slide design. When we scope every project, we start by getting to know your company and your goals. From there we will make recommendations and estimate the time/assets needed to create the complete your project.

But before you start the conversation, here is some information to that may help you understand if Advent Media is a good fit for your company or project. If you meet these criteria, it’s likely that we can help.

1. I’m looking for a lean experienced team that cares about my company and my digital goals.

If you’re looking for a company with a large staff, many departments and lots of overhead, that’s not Advent Media. Our unique agency has a lean team of multidisciplinary creative professionals who actually create and produce digital content in-house. There’s nobody in the middle. Nothing is lost in translation. You work with the owners.

2. I’m looking for a complete project provider: Strategy, Design, Content, and Technology.

Our specialty is delivering complete creative solutions. We don't fit square pegs into round holes. We shape the media around your message. It is the best way we know to get the best possible results with no surprises or excuses. But we also work with clients' designers, marketing firms and other branding agencies to deliver content that reflect their strategies, so if you already have branding guidelines, we'll work to keep the look and feel consistent as we bring your content to life on the screen.

3. My budget is aligned with my expectations.

There are many companies capable of providing digital creative services quickly in bulk for lots less. But our approach is tailored to you and your customers. That being said, we’re committed to work within any “reasonable” budget.

But what is reasonable? Given the fact that our process is robust and critical to the success of the solutions we deliver, reasonable budgets vary widely depending on the type of work being requested. For instance, budgets for simple small business websites (using a pre-built template) start around $7k and range up to five figures. Completely custom responsive websites or web applications start around $35k and range up to six figures or more. Corporate video projects start around $20k and range up to six figures or more. On the less expensive side is PowerPoint slide decks which start around $750 and usually range up to five figures when combined with our event audio/visual services which start around $5k. You can learn more about budgeting for creative services here.

4. I’m looking for a long-term partner.

Advent Media is fully equipped to provide content creation “as a service” along with long-term support through analytic reviews, strategic advice, content updates and technical assistance. While some companies might deliver a solution and then part ways, we prefer to remain available to ensure that long-term expectations are met.

Do we still sound like a fit for you?

Drop us a line and we’ll continue the conversation.